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A Disposable Cup Buying Guide For Cafe Owners

A Disposable Cup Buying Guide For Cafe Owners

If you are a café owner, chances are that you have pondered and done some types of research about which kinds of disposable cups suit your café best. Otherwise, you might not be using the most suitable type of disposable cup to serve your customers. This is because you have to ensure that the material, size, and other aspects of the cup are compatible with the type of drink stored inside.

Here, we have compiled some useful information into a disposable cup buying guide so that you can serve your patrons in a disposable cup most suitable for them.

Cup Size Guide

The easiest decision to make when looking for disposable cups is to look at the serving size of your drinks. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most popular cup sizes that are widely used in the market:

  • 4oz (118 ml) – Espresso Shot
  • 8oz (227 ml) – Regular Coffee
  • 12oz (355ml) – Regular Soft Drink/Medium Coffee
  • 16oz (473ml) – Medium Soft Drink/Large Coffee
  • 20oz (591ml) – Large Soft Drink
  • 24oz (710 ml) – Extra Large Soft Drink

Types of Disposable Cups

One factor that will heavily influence the type of cup to use would be the temperature that your drinks are to be served in.

  • Single-walled cold: Singled walled cold cups are one of the thinnest cups used and are primarily used for storing cold drinks.
  • Single-walled hot: Similarly, singled walled hot cups are thin, but they are suitable for storing hot beverages thanks to their slightly heavier material. This heavy material helps to insulate the liquid stored and keep its exterior cool to touch, preventing scalding.
  • Double-walled hot: For freshly brewed drinks that are extremely high in temperature, double-walled hot cups are the way to go. Double-walled hot cups are created with 2 of the thin walls, essentially doubling the insulation you get.
  • Air pocket insulated: The difference between this and other cups is the presence of a corrugated layer. This layer makes use of the sealed pockets of air to create ultimate insulation and at the same time offer a better grip for customers. After all, the last thing you want is for your customers to spill an extremely hot drink on themselves.


Material of Disposable Cups

Now that you have decided on which type of disposable cup you would like to use, it is time to determine which material is suitable for your café. With the growing pressure on businesses to go green, many cafes are frantically finding ways to become eco-friendly. One way you can support sustainability is to use disposable cups that are made of materials friendly to the environment, like biodegradable plastic cups.

Biodegradable cups can be naturally broken down by microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, before being absorbed back to the ecosystem. As such, they are generally seen as the most eco-friendly type of cups available.

Apart from biodegradable cups, you may also choose to go green by using recyclable or degradable cups. While they might not be an option as “green” as biodegradable cups, they are still less harmful to the environment as compared to traditional plastic cups.

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