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The Importance Of Disposable Gloves For Food Handling

The Importance Of Disposable Gloves For Food Handling

When it comes to restaurants and food establishments, one of the most important aspects patrons look at is the cleanliness and hygiene of the area. Bad hygiene practices are also one of the easiest ways to lose a potential long-term customer. After which, words can spread quickly which will greatly affect business. After all, every patron would want to consume food that is safely prepared in a hygienic environment.

This is also why many food restaurants are subject to checks by the relevant authorities to ensure that hygienic practices are put in place to ensure that the food prepared is safe for consumption. One of the easiest and common practices that restaurants put in place is to ensure that kitchen workers have their gloves on at all times when working with food.

Use of Gloves to Avoid Cross-Contamination

To ensure excellent food safety and hygiene standards, a kitchen must be able to effectively separate certain food preparation equipment like chopping boards, utensils, as well as gloves. This is to avoid cross-contamination between certain food types such as raw meat and cooked meat. One way this can be put into practice easily is to color-code food handling equipment according to the type of food being prepared. For example, you may choose to use red color for preparing raw meat, yellow for cooked meat, blue for raw fish, white for dairy products, and green for vegetables and salads. This color code is the general rule used by thousands of restaurants and has proven to work well.

Other Benefits Associated with Wearing of Gloves

Apart from the easy identification to prevent cross-contamination, the donning of gloves means that germs and bacteria on employees’ hands will not be transferred over to the food. After all, employees do not necessarily work with food throughout the shift, and might occasionally go to clear trash or trays, where their hands can get dirty.

Apart from that, gloves have also proven to be beneficial for protecting the hands of employees wearing them. Food preparation is undoubtedly a messy process and as such, wearing gloves will help to prevent their hands from getting stained, oily, and greasy. This also means that their hands will not become scented from foods that are highly fragranced, and gloves allow you to indirectly touch food like chili peppers, preventing irritation.

Using Suitable Types of Gloves for Food Preparation

Latex gloves can be quite the nightmare for those that are allergic. As such, vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves are great alternatives. You should also ensure that the gloves you use are safe for food contact applications and that they are powder-free. It would also be a bonus if the gloves can be donned on quickly and easily. After all, work in the kitchen is fast-paced and employees are sure to have to change their disposable gloves multiple times throughout their shift.
May 31, 2022

Thanks for explaining that using gloves during food preparation can help prevent cross-contamination between certain food types, like raw and cooked meat. I’ve been interested in cooking recently, so I wanted to look into other kitchen preparations I should keep in mind. I’ll have to look for a trusted supplier so I can avail of good quality protective gloves.

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