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The Importance Of Paper Towels For Your Bathroom

The Importance Of Paper Towels For Your Bathroom

Personal hygiene is something that many people tend to take for granted. This is even more true with the emergence of the global pandemic, especially in public spaces with high human traffic. Drying your hands is an integral part of maintaining your cleanliness and reducing the transmission of germs and viruses. While there are many ways to dry your hands, experts have said that paper towels are the most hygienic way. Read on to find out why having paper towels is so crucial for your bathroom. 

Warding Off Bacteria and Germs 

While air-blowing dryers effectively dry your hands, studies have shown that air hand dryers and jet dryers can transmit bacteria faster than paper towels. The air-blowing dispensers use a heating element to blow hot air to help dry our hands more quickly but also diffuses and spreads germs across the bathroom faster. In addition, the warmth emanated into the hand dryer can create a damp environment that accelerates the growth of bacteria on the bathroom’s surfaces. 

Using paper towels is the most effective way to ward off bacteria and remove germs than washing. The friction created by the motion of rubbing and drying can help reduce the germ count further. As these paper towels are disposable and won’t be reused, they’re a great solution to help reduce the transmission of bacteria. 

Safer and Hygienic Choice

Compared to reusable cotton towels, paper towels are a much safer and hygienic choice that can help reduce the spread of bacteria and illnesses. According to experts, 94% of people do not wash their hands in the recommended way by the World Health Organization, which means that almost everyone does not wash their hands properly.

As you can’t be sure that everyone’s hands are spotlessly clean, even your own, using a communal cotton towel to dry your hands can mean that you are transferring millions of bacteria to your skin. This can be transmitted to others who will use the same towel many times, creating a breeding ground for germs and bacterias to grow as they thrive in damp conditions. Therefore, it is wise to consider using paper towels to dry our hands and avoid spreading illnesses and germs to others. They are a health investment and an essential expense.

Multi-Functional Usage 

Everyone knows that we can use paper towels for cleaning up almost anything, from soaking up spills and messes to absorbing excess grease during cooking. However, do you know you can use them to thaw frozen bread with little natural moisture like flatbread, pita, and tortilla? You can even use them to prevent greens and herbs from withering, soften rock-hard sugar, and in desperate times, as a temporary coffee filter! 

But most importantly, they can effectively dry our hands and clean surfaces, keeping our bathrooms dry and clean. They can even be complemented with a beautifully designed paper towel holder or dispensers to take the décor of your bathroom up a notch. 

Your Safety Is Our Priority 

At Spotless Supply Co, we understand that having a safe, healthy, and hygienic environment is vital to increasing your business’ productivity. Therefore, we offer you a wide array of high-quality general supplies and cleaning products to cater to your every business needs. For more information on the products we carry, feel free to contact us today! 

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