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Why Coffee Shops Need Hot Cup Lids

Why Coffee Shops Need Hot Cup Lids

If your café or coffee shop serves hot drinks customers can grab to go, hot cup lids are a must-have. Besides helping to keep drinks warm for longer, they serve a functional purpose as well. In this article, we share with you why your café absolutely cannot go without hot cup lids.

Splash Prevention

When customers are in a rush or drive over a bumpy spot on the road, some of their hot beverage may inevitably splash out of the cup. Nobody wants to have scalding hot coffee or tea down the front of their shirt, on their hand, or all over their front cat seats. With hot cup lids, you can prevent such a scenario from happening. 

Keep Hot Drinks Warm for Longer

Often, when customers grab a hot beverage to go, they intend to consume it once they have reached the office or while they are on the way to their destinations. To ensure that drinks can be kept at the optimal temperature for longer, hot cup lids are the best solution for trapping heat within the cup.

Give Customers a Convenient Way of Drinking

When you are walking or have one hand on the steering wheel, drinking from a cup can be challenging. This is one reason straws are used with cold drinks. While straws cannot be used with hot beverages, one thing hot cup lids can do is provide a more convenient way of drinking. You will find that many hot cup lids designs have an opening or peel-type lid, allowing customers to drink without having to pry open the entire lid.

Enhanced Aroma and Functionality

There can be more than meets the eye to a simple hot cup lid design. Some lids are designed for enhanced aroma retention, which improves the customer’s experience of drinking their coffee. The purpose is to improve the speed at which the liquid flows through the opening and direct steam towards the customer as they drink, allowing them to get a stronger whiff of the coffee’s aroma.

Provide Ventilation for Hot Liquids

You may have noticed a tiny second hole on the top of your hot cup lids. Well, it’s there for a reason. When you drink from an enclosed bottle or cup with a single hole, a vacuum is created. This can make the act of drinking difficult, even causing splashes at times. Hot cup lids solve this problem by introducing a second hole for ventilation.

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