Bostitch® LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp with USB, 2 Prong, 4.33"w x 14.57"h, White (BOSVLED1817)


Drown out the sound of white noise with this LED lamp with a built-in speaker! It all starts with the Bluetooth speaker that has a receiving range of up to 10 meters. Simply pair your compatible devices with the speaker and jam out while you work. Located on the back of the lamp base speaker is a handy USB port, meaning you can also charge your device at the same time. Choose from three color temperature modes to alter the kind of light emitted. Each level is great for various tasks, such as chilling out, reading or studying hard. This desk lamp emits the same look as natural daylight, so you have a piece of outdoors inside. Full-spectrum lighting is flicker-free thanks to smart LEDs that use 85% less energy and last up to 50,000 hours. Base Color: White; Plug Type: 2 Prong; Height: 14.57"; Width: 4.33".