GE Incandescent Reveal BR30 Light Bulb, 65 W (GEL48692)


Incandescent Reveal® BR30 Light Bulbs fill your rooms with clean, beautiful light®. Reveal® technology filters out dull, yellow rays, bringing out colors and patterns that go unnoticed under regular incandescent light. These bulbs' funnel shape and reflective coating help direct light where it is needed better than a standard incandescent bulb. Use indoor floodlights in recessed track and recessed fixtures to create broad beams of light and make colors and patterns pop. Color-enhanced, full-spectrum bulbs create enhanced, vivid surroundings in rooms and spaces throughout your home. Bulb/Tube: Bulb; Bulb/Tube Technology: Incandescent; Bulb/Tube Type: BR30; Brightness: 445 lm.