Workpro® QuickLoad QL3 6-in-1 Driver, 3/16" and 1/4" Slotted, #1 and #2 Phillips, S1 and S2 Hex, 9" Shafts (GSLW000828WE)


Designed for maximum contact, unique 6-in-1 driver provides you with the most commonly required sizes in one convenient package. Interchangeable, dual-tipped, heat-treated carbon-steel shafts easily stand up to the torque required to fasten most types of screws and bolts. QuickLoad™ locking system delivers easy-change convenience while ensuring ultra-reliable performance. Ergonomic, soft-grip handle provides maximum comfort, enabling you to put as much torque on a fastener as you can muster. Tool Type: Screwdriver; Tip/Socket Type(s): Hex; Phillips; Slotted; Tip/Socket Size(s): S1; S2; #1; #2; 3/16"; 1/4"; Overall Length: 13.38".Package Includes: (1) Dual-End 9" Hex (S1 and S2) Shaft; (1) Dual-End 9" Phillips (#1 and #2) Shaft; (1) Dual-End 9" Slotted (3/16" and 1/4") Shaft; (1) QuickLoad™ QL3 Handle