Saunders SlimMate Show2Know Safety Organizer, 0.5" Clip Capacity, Holds 8.5 x 114 Sheets, Red/Green (SAU00580)


Designed for emergency situations, this safety organizer lets you store a variety of supplies to keep you prepared for any event. Dual-colored design uses a red color to signal that assistance is required, and a green color to signal that everything is fine. 0.75" storage compartment provides enough space to include rosters of students, patients, employees, evacuation procedures, protocol and floor plans, emergency contact list, and first aid supplies. Low-profile clip holds up to 0.5" of paper for quick access to your frequently used papers. The Show2Know storage clipboard is perfect for offices, schools, daycares, summer camps, hospitals and more. Holds Paper Size: 8.5 x 11; Clipboard Actual Size: 9.5w x 1.25d x 13.5h; Clipboard Material: Polypropylene; Clip Capacity: 0.5".