Pioneering Technology SmartBurner Electric Oven Safety Burner Kit, Cast Iron, Two 6" dia, Two 8" dia, Black, 4/Box (PNJPTISTBZA)


Switch out electric coil elements. Replaces standard 6- and 8-inch burners for a fire-safe way to prepare meals. Uses an intelligent cooking system to monitor and control the energy used by each burner, drastically reducing the chances of cooking-related fires. Boasts a flat, ridge-free surface for kinder treatment of cookware bottoms, easy to clean and maintain. Two Small 6" Diameter and Two Large 8" Diameter Burners. Appliance Type: Electric Burners; Base Material: Cast Iron; Dimensions: 6" dia.; 8" dia.; Color(s): Black.Package Includes: (2) Small 6" Diameter Burners; (2) Large 8" Diameter Burners