TripLok Deposit Bag 9" X 12" White (Case of 500) 585032


  • TripLOK security bags are tamper-evident with a high-alert void message displaying if the bag has been tampered with cold or chemicals. Thermochromic ink turns red if subjected to heat.
  • Fast and secure: Peel the liner tab from the adhesive strip on the bank bag, fold tape, and press to seal. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing.
  • The patented triple-seal closure features a security border that leaves no openings after sealing. Micro-perforation immediately reveals any attempt to pull up the closure to prevent attempts at cutting the cash bag open and re-sealing.
  • Large serial numbers and barcodes provide easy tracking of these bags via CCTV, making TripLOK the most secure option for transporting cash. Each bag has a unique tracking number for security controls with a tear-off receipt
  • TripLOK Tamper-Evident bags are approved for use with the Federal Reserve System